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Tom Fitzmorris' Best Descriptions of Reveillon: A White Tablecloth Wonderland

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Originally, it was like a Sunday brunch buffet."

Brennan's, home of a killer Reveillon
Brennan's, home of a killer Reveillon

It's the most wonderful time of the year for the Fitz Who Stole Grinchmas, one Tom Fitzmorris. Gone are the days he must focus on burger joints, millennials and their bullshit chef gods in hideously tight jeans, and noisy new restaurants with no dang tablecloths or uniformed-staff working the begrimed carpet sweeper. Instead T-Fitz' can channel all his energy into his culinary soulmate, Reveillon, that month long oft-shilly always-gout-inducing 12+ course joyland.  Below find T-Fitz  top ten Reveillon menus for 2014, but first...if you don't know what Reveillon actually is... allow these Fitzian beauties to explain:

"The Reveillon season now upon us is most welcome, especially among those of us who still like the white-tablecloth dining experience."

"It lets us end the year on a properly celebratory note, one that seems out of place in restaurants that look and sound like factories."

"Reveillon dinners draw everybody except the hardcore devotees of jeans, T-shirts and yet another best hamburger."

"Reveillon is an ancient European feasting tradition during Yuletide."

"When the rules of fasting changed in the mid 1900s, the old Reveillon was forgotten."

"Originally, it was like a Sunday brunch buffet."

"I attend as many Reveillon I can stuff into my schedule."

And just what are T-Fitz' top-ten schedule stuffers this year?

  • Pelican Club
  • Commander's Palace
  • Brennan's
  • Criollo
  • NOLA
  • Muriel's
  • Rue 127
  • Tujague's
  • Upperline
  • Martinique