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Friends of Eater Name The Best Dining Neighborhood of 2014

2014 was the year of every neighborhood.

Magazine Street, still a dining hub
Magazine Street, still a dining hub

As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types, and bloggers. We've already covered the best standbysnewcomers, and 2014 in one word. Now, we turn our attention to the best dining neighborhood of 2014.

Q: What was the best dining neighborhood in 2014?

Rene Louapre, cofounder of Hogs For The Cause:
Warehouse District.

Lorin Gaudin, Nola Food Goddess, food editor of Where, cohost of New Orleans By Mouth:
Tie between Magazine Street and St. Claude Avenue.

Kim Ranjbar, writer, Suck The Heads:

French Quarter [Photo: Brasted]

Scott Gold, author of The Shameless Carnivore, writer/contributor for Thrillist, NolaVie, and Louisiana Eats!:
Mid-City is really becoming a destination spot for intriguing dining options (see above), but c' do you beat the French Quarter?

B.E. Mintz, founder and editor of Nola Defender:
For the first time in years, I can proudly say that the French Quarter, my neighborhood, wins the prize. No longer just grande dame restaurants, one can now find cuisine ranging from fusion to a falafel, as well as the standard bearers of the old guard and the avant garde. The tourist traps remain, but there are now enough quality options clustered in a small are to make a night of grub-crawling.

Red's Chinese, now open on St. Claude Avenue [Photo: Brasted]

Josh Brasted, photographer:

Nora McGunnigle, beer writer and contributor for Eater NOLA and Gambit:
LGD Magazine St. Square Root, Lily's, Juan's, Stein's Deli, District, with NOLA Smokehouse and HiVolt just off the strip.

Gwendolyn Knapp, editor, Eater NOLA:
I do love what's happening on St. Claude Avenue, but I've got to rep my hood, Mid City. And by that, I mean the greater Mid City area (including City Park and Faubourg St. John). Opened in the last year alone: MoPho, Namese, Milkfish, Liberty's Kitchen, Good Karma, Treo, 1000 Figs, Biscuits & Buns on Banks. That's all on top of Toups, Parkway, Degas, Angelo Brocato, Ralph's and so much more. We even got a Whole Food's salad bar up in here now. Top that. Top that.

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