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Eater Nola's Top Posts Of The Year: 2014

We laughed. We cried. We ate crawfish.

Season's Greetings from Le Saint
Season's Greetings from Le Saint

As 2014 comes to an end, let's turn our attention to some of the best posts of the year. From shutters to road trips, with anticipated openings and kale thrown in for good measure, here's a look back at some of Eater NOLA's most popular posts of 2014.

The year's top posts reveal a few things about dining habits of Eater NOLA readers. Brunch and crawfish are of the utmost importance. Well, duh. Pizza, health-food, coffee, kale, booze (primarily whiskey), and outdoor dining also factored heavily into this year's most popular posts.  Enjoy, and have a safe and happy holiday, folks.

Baie Rouge, a reader favorite [Photo: Brasted]


Liam Deegan, whiskey guy [Photo: Brasted]


Gobbling up Pizza Delicious at the Pizza Underground show [Photo: Brasted]


Brennan's, one of the biggest openings of 2014 [Photo: Brasted]


Stella [Photo: Nikki Mayeux]


Isaac Toups, Eater NOLA's Chef of The Year 2014 [Photo: Brasted]