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Santa, What's Fireball? Bask In These Scenes From Tales of The Toddy 2014

Well, little Johnny, you can only know what Fireball is by looking deep within your heart.

Santa's little helpers aka the best bartenders in New Orleans, were out in full force on December 18 for the seventh annual Tales of the Toddy event at House of Blues. Attendees and judges downed seasonal drinks hot and cold, and nibbled on snacks from a bevy of New Orleans restaurants. The Judge's Choice winners were Liam Deegan of Barrell Proof and Lucinda Weed of Sylvain for their Baked Louisiana cocktail. Lizzy Fitzousa of Treo and Lexi Winston of Tiki Tolteca took home the People's Choice Award for the Ombibulous Gunpowder Dame toddy, and MoPho nabbed Best Restaurant with their fried P&J Oysters.