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CPC Okays Uptown Bourbon & Oyster Restaurant From NYC's Maysville Team

The restaurant, planned to anchor the new development at Magazine and Nashville, will now head to City Coucil.

Inside New York City's Maysville
Inside New York City's Maysville

The City Planning Commission has given the thumbs up for a still-unnamed bourbon and oyster bar/restaurant planned for Magazine and Nashville from the restaurateurs behind NYC's Maysville, Uptown whisperer Robert Morris reports. Owners/recent transplants Sean Josephs and Mani Dawes (who is actually a Nola native) must now face City Council and The Temple of Doom.

The concept will be an 89-seat neighborhood affair that will focus on pastries and coffee in the mornings, casual lunch, and casual fine dining with the promise oysters and hard-to-find bourbons at night. Still no word on the exact type of cuisine or chef, but Maysville is known for Southern fare.

There were no opponents at the CPC meeting, and the Audubon Riverside Neighborhood Association is in favor of the project after meeting a good neighbor agreement.  The CPC also rolled out 15 conditions for the duo including closing by 10 p.m. on weeknights and midnights on Fri/Sat, limiting the bar to 15% of  floor space, having a litter plan, and reigning in outdoor seating.