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End Of Year Listicles Galore, Ones To Watch in 2015, And More

Dining news from around New Orleans.

Brennan's, a top dining story of 2014
Brennan's, a top dining story of 2014

METAIRIE: In this obituary for Chris Anthony "Bozo" Vodanovich, longtime owner of the legendary seafood restaurant Bozo's, Brett Anderson recalls that the restaurant once changed into a private club before its move to Metairie to "sidestep desegregation laws," and that black Saints players were reportedly "refused entry." []

BYWATER: Behold, Booty's new Social Hour specials, available weekdays from 3 to 6 p.m.: $6 international beer/shot combos, $14 international beer buckets. Plus, a new Legends of the Hidden Temple-inspired cocktail program fresh for the season.[Eaterwire]

NOLA: Todd Price offers the 10 Biggest Dining Stories of 2014 this week, including his top two: Brennan's Return and  Stella's shutter. There's also some rather non-specific additions including "coffee gets better" and "new restaurants continue to open." []

NOLA: Looking toward the New Year, tiki overlord Jeff Beachbum Berry, chef Alex Harrell, and restaurateur Estralita Soniat make the Times-Pic's Arts & Entertainment's New Orleanians To Watch in 2015. []

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