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Oysters Bar, Cocktails, Korean-Creole Fusion & More Heading To St. Roch Market

St. Roch Market will reopen in 2015 with vendors slinging fresh pressed juice, charcuterie, Korean food and more.


The pre-Katrina po' boy and seafood hub St. Roch Market is returning for the first time in almost ten years (and after a long incubation period since the $3.7 million renovation was actually complete, naturally) in 2015, and Todd Price has a first look at the upcoming vendors this week, including this awesome little tidbit: "There will still be seafood at St. Roch, along with an oyster bar next to an actual bar with beer, wine and cocktails." And this: "Every potential vendor had to submit a menu with affordable options."

The building will reportedly house a half-dozen stalls on each side for vendors, many of which plan to collaborate with each other and also bring in pop ups and offer paid-apprenticeships to folks in the neighborhood. No word on who will be operating oyster bar and booze bar, but here's the vendors that have been announced so far:

  • Keenan McDonald, a Hollygrove Market alum, local vegetables and fresh-cut flowers
  • Dylan Maisel, McDonald's produce,  salads and cold-pressed juice options
  • Koreole, Korean Creole fusion
  • Kristopher Doll, an Adolfo Garcia group alum and of Cleaver & Co. fame, meats and sandwiches
  • Nikoletta Sinko, baker

The market will open in early 2015, with daily hours from 9 a.m to 11 p.m. Before that, the operators/Launch Pad start up gurus Will Donaldson and Barre Tanguis will put another $500k or so into setting up plumbing, vending stalls, and more.

St Roch Market

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