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Cafe Habana Advances to Next Level of VCC's Koopa Castle, The One With Lava!

Habana clears latest ARC hurdle.

New Orleans' most prolonged potential restaurant Cafe Habana has been recommended for approval by the Architectural Review Committee, and will again take up the gauntlet at the VCC's next meeting, likely in early January. Cafe Habana, hoping to renovate a long-blighted gas station and adjacent two story building at Rampart and Esplanade since 2012,  already has conceptual approval, which it was awarded after defeating Yoshi with some magic eggs about three months ago. Sean Meenan and company still need design development and construction approval though, but are at least well into the VCC's very special ping pong game, finally addressing the signage and capacity issues to the committee's liking, but not to everyone's.

Opponents are still not happy with the plans, mainly the outdoor/courtyard/waiting area, which they believe will attract too many people, going so far as comparing it to Champion's Square. When asked if they'd compromise with Meenan on an agreed-upon number for outdoor capacity in writing, they refused, to which the committee turned all Judge Smails on Spaulding, chiding them with a "you are happy with nothing."

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