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Central City's Roux Carré Announces Six Vendors

The highly-anticipated OCH food port will be home to Miss Linda, Splendid Pig, and more.

Breaking Ground at the Roux Carre
Breaking Ground at the Roux Carre
Good Work Network/Facebook

The upcoming Central City food port Roux Carré (2000 O.C. Haley) has announced its vendors, according to Todd Price. The vendors will sling cuisine in an outdoor food court focusing on African-American, Caribbean and Latin American traditions. Expect a Spring 2015 opening with the following vendors:

  • Estralita's Cafe and Carryout: gumbo, red beans and more
  • Johnny's Jamaican Grill: jerk chicken, fried plantains, more
  • Mirian Rodriguez: pupusas; ceviche (Rodriguez formerly made ceviches for Adolfo Garcia at RioMar)
  • Splendid Pig: gumbo, ribs, more meaty items
  • Miss Linda, The Yakamein Lady: Ya-ka-mein; mac and cheese, more
  • Youth Empowerment Project: popsicles, juice