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City Denies Habana Haters, Checkered Parrot Up For Sale, & More

A look at this week's dining news.

QUARTER: French Quarter residents seeking a "stay-stop"  to kill plans for the potential Cafe Habana heading to Rampart and Esplanade have been denied by City Council.  The council also called their design-appeal premature since plans haven't even been approved by the VCC yet, though if this is any indication of what's in store for Sean Meenan and company, Stacey Head did call the restaurant's plans "distasteful." []

UPTOWN: Todd Price reports that the fate of The Checkered Parrot, the large unsightly (and unfinished) restaurant that looms over Coulis on Prytania, is still uncertain as its owner prepares for his upcoming Medicare fraud trial. "Online real estate listings show that the restaurant was put on the market Oct. 17 for $4 million." The building boasts two floors, a full kitchen and 128 beer taps. []

FRERET: Sarah Baird visits the city's newest ice cream shop, Ice Cream 504 (2511 Jena, just off Freret) noting the gluten-free housemade ice cream currently has a "creamy, soft sweet potato pie" as their seasonal flavor. [Gambit]

QUARTER: Dickie Brennan's Bourbon House features a Garrison Brothers whiskey dinner on November 11 at 6 p.m. The masterminds behind Garrison Brothers--the first and oldest legal whiskey distillery in Texas--will be on hand for the four course meal. $65/person. Call (504) 522-0111 to reserve a spot. [Eaterwire]

MID CITY: Booze whisperer Elizabeth Pierce hops into 'remarkable' bar and small plates den Treo this week, noting "a stellar Manhattan" and a whole slew of classic drinks going for the "bargain price of $7." [Advocate]