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Say It Ain't So: Hubig's Pies May Never Return

The bakery's manager has "no good news to report."

The glory days
The glory days

Sadness: It's been two years since the Hubig's Pie Co. bakery was completely destroyed in a fire, and Ian McNulty reports that not much is happening in terms of the beloved hand pie's return.  Owners Otto Ramsey and Lamar Bowman are apparently not in agreement on how to move forward. Hubig's manager Drew Ramsey (son of Otto) tells McNulty:  "I would like to say that we will be reopening, but I really have no control over whether that happens."

Plans for a facility of Press Street were approved by the City in 2013, but stalled out indefinitely, and rumors of a potential angel investor swooping in are apparently just "wishful thinking." Meanwhile, McNulty notes, "tangling things further is an ongoing lawsuit filed in late 2012 by Hubig's against the supplier of its plant's fire suppression system, alleging that the system failed to protect its facility." So basically everything is off the table until the lawsuit is over.

You know it's bad when McNulty has selected the best hand pie back ups for those craving the real thing. Though nothing can replace a Hubig's, he suggests trying the pies at Bud's Broiler, Butcher, Treo, and Windosill's (available at Whole Foods).  Also P's & Q's will introduce handpies after the holidays, and District Hand Pie & Coffee Bar should open in the former Velvet Espresso space in the next few weeks.