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Brennan's Just Opened (Spoiler Alert: There Was Weaponry Involved)

The grand opening celebration at Brennan's featured the new Brennan's sign, champagne sabers, and excitement for the new chapter of the restaurant.

After a 20+ million dollar renovation, new Brennan's owners Ralph Brennan and Terry White officially opened the extravagant revamp of the palatial Big Pink to the public today. The restaurant now features a new dining area with windows that open onto Royal Street, a new copper bar, three upstairs dining rooms and a lounge with outdoor dining available.

The event was marked by local media, politicians, Brennan family members, and chefs being served champagne, brandy milk punch, caviar atop sweet potato blini, teeny tiny beignets, and freshly fried local oysters en brochette by the well prepared staff who were obviously excited that the big day had arrived.

The ceremonial champagne sabor kicked off an exuberant and occasionally emotional affair during which co-owners Ralph Brennan and Terry White thanked everyone involved in the renovation, their French Quarter neighbors, the City Council members in attendance (Stacy Head and Nadine Ramsey) and their families. Then, the Brennan's name was replaced on the exterior.

Afterward, the three piece band continued to play, photo opps abounded, and more food and drink served. Today's lunch service is completely booked, giving the staff quite an opening day.

As for the menu, chef Slade Rushing and team have maintained the traditional dishes (albeit using their own recipes) but upgraded ingredient quality, and Rushing will unleash his own dinner signature items come December 25.


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