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Buttermilk Drop Icon Dwight Henry Turns Himself In On Theft Charges; 2006 Homicide Allegation Resurfaces

Prosecutors now looking into why Henry wasn't charged with second-degree murder in a 2006 stabbing death that took place in the Bywater.

Well, this all took a turn for the worse. Celebrated baker, Beasts of The Southern Wild star and owner of newly-opened Wink's Bakery Dwight Henry turned himself in to police yesterday, after a warrant was issued for his arrest for stealing money from his former place of employment The Buttermilk Drop. Apparently Henry used a key to let himself into the Seventh Ward bakery on October 30 and took about $1,000 from the register, potentially threatening management with physical violence. Many believed Henry to be the actual owner of the Buttermilk Drop, but on November 5, the bakery posted this parting gift on their Facebook page:

As many of our loyal customers may know, we at the Buttermilk Drop Bakery are not only famous for our delicious renditions of the classic pastries we serve. Yet, we are as well known for the exceptional talent our long time head baker, Dwight Henry, brought to the big screen in his recent award winning movies. Since Mr. Henry's blossoming success with his acting career, he has been working on many projects and has more recently embarked on new ventures that have taken him away from the Buttermilk Drop Bakery for the past few months. Therefore, our management team and Mr. Henry have agreed it is to his best interest to break away from the bakery and pursue all of his opportunities in entirety.

Furthermore, despite Mr. Henry no longer being affiliated with either our North Dorgenois or Elysian Fields locations, we assure you our recipes have not changed and our product is as enjoyable as ever. Since his leave of absence, bakers trained by Mr. Henry have not only continued to make our beloved Original Buttermilk Drop and traditional menu items.

The Advocate is reporting that prosecutors are now taking a new look at the homicide Henry was arrested for in early 2006, but never charged with--the stabbing death of Leroy Paige, which supposedly occurred after a fight escalated between the two men at an apartment complex in the Bywater--during the aftermath of Katrina.