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New LGD Speakeasy The M Could Be Heading To Magazine Street

Banks McClintock and Julie Simpson hope to open a classy speakeasy in a blighted property at 1330 Magazine Street.

Uptown whisperer Robert Morris reports that a new speakeasy The M is hoping to move into the ground floor of 1330 Magazine Street in the LGD, a property that actually was a speakeasy back in the Prohibition era. The building is zoned for restaurant use, but owners Banks McClintock and Julie Simpson are attempting to land a conditional use permit for booze for the cocktail lounge, which will also do small plates. The Coliseum Square Association supports the plans, so now the duo are off to the CPC funhouse.

The M would seat around 25 people and would operate with limited hours, closing up by 10:30 p.m. The duo plan to "combine elements from their favorite locations from New York, Los Angeles and Europe" for the speakeasy, which will likely have no signage (obvs) and is also being described as Columns meets Napolean House meets Apothecary Museum in the decor-department. Though that would all come after a hefty renovation of the blighted property.  If approved, The M will likely open in fall of 2015.