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The Brennan's Saga Continues With the Announcement of Ted Brennan's Decatur

On the heels of the announcement of Brennan's Restaurant re-opening on November 25, Brennan's former owner announces the location and name of his new venture, Ted Brennan's Decatur.

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In the excitement surrounding the Brennan's Restaurant multi-million dollar renovation that has finally ended with the announcement that it will re-open on November 25, the other side of the well known Brennan family feud (and former Brennan's owner) has announced they will be opening another restaurant around the corner with the former Brennan's chef, to recapture the Brennan's restaurant on a Decatur Street location. The restaurant will be called Ted Brennan's Decatur.

The Advocate's Ian McNulty reported the scoop yesterday: "Teddy Brennan Jr., one of the planned restaurant's proprietors, said it's intended to revive time-honored Brennan's Restaurant traditions. The new restaurant will serve a menu of French Creole cuisine overseen by longtime Brennan's chef Lazone Randolph, he said." McNulty also reports that Teddy Brennan says that "We'll have a lot of similarities" to the former Brennan's Restaurant. "It's that experience of Brennan's that we're bringing back."

The expected timeline to open is 4-5 months, and will initially offer dinner nightly with weekend breakfast service