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Scenes and Coverage from Last Night's Latitude 29 Opening

Tiki devotees flocked to Jeff Beachbum Berry's much-anticipated Latitude 29 for tropical spirits and Chris Shortall's "PolynAsian" cuisine as soon as the doors opened yesterday afternoon.

It was the opening heard 'round the cocktail world. After decades of dreaming and months of building, Jeff "Beachbum" Berry's tiki paradise Latitude 29 has opened in the Hotel Bienville in the French Quarter yesterday amid much fanfare and cocktail fanboy/girl squee-ing.

Todd Price at published 7 facts about Latitude 29, which include the tidbit that "the 20 drink menu at Latitude 29 is composed of 40-percent tiki classics and 60-percent original Berry tropical creations." Also, that it's as much a restaurant as a bar, with "a squid Caesar salad, a Cuban sandwich with homemade coconut bread and a pork 'dumpling' burger." (Interested in the man behind the menu? Check out Sarah Baird's 3 Course Interview in the Gambit with Chris Shortall, creator of the tiki menu and purveyor of BBQ at Twelve Mile Limit.)

Behold, the gorgeous and thoughtful aesthetics of the space, the drinks, the people, and the food.

Latitude 29

, New Orleans, LA (504) 609-3811