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Besh Group's Dream Bakery Willa Jean IN At The Paramount

Pastry chefs Kelly Fields and Lisa White will roll out their new Southern bakery and cafe Willa Jean in 2015.

The Paramount
The Paramount

Besh Group pastry chefs Kelly Fields and Lisa White have signed on to open Willa Jean, a new Southern bakery and cafe, inside The ParamountTodd Price reports. In case you haven't heard, The Paramount (611 O'Keefe) is basically lined up to be one of next year's hottest culinary destinations with Magasin Kitchen and Booty's expansion Ursa Major already on board for the mixed-use building alongside quickie woodfired pizza option Blaze. The building resides in the upcoming South Market District in the CBD (near The Civic, Rouses, Johnny Sanchez, and more) which is about to blow minds as a potential culinary, shopping and hotel hub (and new place to avoid driving).

Willa Jean is named after Kelly Fields' grandma, but not much else is known about the bakery yet, except that it will obviously have killer desserts and bread and will be "an inviting space where customers could have a morning meeting over coffee, gather with friends for lunch or linger over a cocktail and great food after work," according to a South Market District developer.