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Eater Awards Voting Starts Now: New Orleans's Restaurant Of The Year

Polls are now open for Eater Awards 2014.

Restaurant of The Year nominees.
Restaurant of The Year nominees.

Next Monday, Eater will present the 2014 Eater Awards, our fifth annual celebration of all that's made America's restaurant world run-and run wild-in the past twelve months. Winners will be selected on both the local and national levels in five major categories, the voting for which begins right now.

Here's how the voting works across the board: Eater editors have named nominees for each of five major categories. Eater readers will vote, narrowing the nominees to three finalists. From those three finalists, the Eater editorial team will select a winner. Ready to play your part? This poll will be open for 24 hours; voting irregularities will be strictly policed.

Up first, Restaurant Of The Year. This year's nominees include Restaurant August, which has proven again to be the standard of New Orleans fine dining with Besh Group chef Todd Pulsinelli's remarkable New Orleans cuisine and pastry wunderkind Kelly Fields' gorgeous desserts alongside impeccable service and ambiance. La Petite Grocery, Justin Devillier's Uptown stunner, which has grown to be one of the most reliable and elegant casual fine dining options in New Orleans today, where you can't go wrong with either a burger or the addictive crab beignets. Pizza Delicious, the Bywater pizzeria that's always packed and embodies everything a great New Orleans' neighborhood restaurant should be: fun, funky and home to many an impressive daily special.  MoPho, where chef Michael Gulotta has spent the past year proving that his passion for Vietnamese and Louisiana flavors is a thing of brilliance with countless seasonal dishes that inspire. And Square Root, where chef Phillip Lopez and company are continuing to rebel against old school fine dining in the best way possible, with an exclusive 16 seat tasting-menu restaurant and a chic upstairs cocktail lounge that rules.  Which is New Orleans' restaurant of the year 2014?