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Zagat's Releases Top 50 Restaurants in New Orleans

Survey says... the Zagat Guide picked the top 50 restaurants based on reviews and ratings of their members.

Doris Metropolitan
Doris Metropolitan

In a move sure to incite internet debate for days to come, Zagat has released the 50 Best Restaurants In New Orleans. Gautreau's holds the top spot, followed closely by Commander's Palace. August, Brigtsen's and Clancy's round out the top 5. Highly ranked newcomers include Restaurant R'evolution at #8, Toups Meatery at #11, and Doris Metropolitan at #20.

Weigh in on your thoughts on this list in the comment section, or head over to, where Todd Price has begun what is sure to be a lively discussion of his own. Because if there's anything that gets New Orleanians riled up, it's the food and the people who cook it for us. (Price also gives a heads up that his colleague Brett Anderson will be releasing his 2014 Top 10 list "later this month.")