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Cozy Up To These 12 Outstanding Fall Dishes in New Orleans

These twelve seasonal dishes showcase the best of local produce in New Orleans right now (plus, a few cocktails as lagniappe).

Inside Cochon
Inside Cochon

As we approach November, the temperatures are finally cooling off to "gumbo weather" territory. But local chefs are doing much more than gumbo to take advantage of the cool down. Incorporating seasonal ingredients like winter squash, pumpkin, apples, satsumas and pecans, chefs around town are utilizing techniques which result in richer and heartier dishes. Here now, are twelve essential Fall dishes (and two cocktails, because, hey, cocktails!) to try in New Orleans right now.

Dish: Meatball Sub
Created By: Jack Petronella at ManhattanJack
Tasting Notes: Available only during cooler months at the beloved Prytania St. cafe, Petronella's meatball recipe includes lots of Romano cheese and is served with homemade sauce on garlic bread.

[Photo: Brasted]

Drink: Turn The Beet Around
Created By: Abigail Gullo at Sobou
Tasting Notes: This delicious fall-inspired variation on a classic daiquiri features beet-infused cachaça, and it’s served in 70’s-inspired glassware that Gullo discovered in a thrift store.

[Photo: Brasted]

Dish: Rabbit Saltimbocca
Created By: Tory McPhail at Commander's
Tasting Notes: Paneed rabbit stuffed with smoky tasso, basil and crab boiled mozzarella with spinach spatzle, late harvest tomatoes, cracked olives, bourbon Creole mustard and rabbit jus.

[Photo: Brasted]

Dish: Pumpkin Appetizer
Created By: Ryan Prewitt at Peche
Tasting Notes: Roasted pumpkin with goat feta, pecans and cane syrup.

[Photo: Brasted]

Dish: Crispy Brussels Sprout Salad
Created By: Miles Landrem at Johnny Sánchez
Tasting Notes: The Brussel sprouts are tossed with roasted pumpkin, charred jalapeño vinaigrette, pomegranate, and cotijo.

[Photo: Brasted]

Dish: Okra
Created By: Michael Doyle at Maurepas Foods
Tasting Notes: This ain't your mama's okra. Doyle prepares the ubiquitous southern vegetable with persimmon sambal, and tops it with arancini and chicharron.

[Photo: Brasted]

Dish: Satsuma Chiffon Pie
Created By: Jess Stokes at Maurepas Foods
Tasting Notes: Maurepas has several seasonal dishes on the menu right now, but this delicate but comforting dessert is a must-try.

[Photo: Brasted]

Dish: Potato Gnocchi
Created By: Kristen Essig at Meauxbar
Tasting Notes: Essig's gnocchi with roasted Louisiana pumpkin, Mississippi mushrooms and roasted garlic beurre monte is creamy, amazing, and perfect sweater weather food.

[Photo: Brasted]

Dish: Gulf Fish Pan Rallado
Created By: Brian Landry at Borgne
Tasting Notes: Butter crusted gulf fish, roasted sunchokes, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower with a creole mustard reduction.

[Photo: Brasted]

Dish: Buffalo Apples
Created By:Michael Stoltzfus at Coquette
Tasting Notes: These "Buffalo Apples" are served with celery, hot sauce, blue cheese, and walnuts and customers say they're just like buffalo wings...without the chicken.

[Photo: Brasted]

Dish: Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly with Mushrooms and Potato Puree
Created By: Rebecca Wilcomb at Herbsaint
Tasting Notes: This hearty bowl of fall flavors will make cold weather food memories to last you though spring.

[Photo: Brasted]

Dish: Beef shortribs
Created By: Stephen Stryjewski at Cochon
Tasting Notes: These chile glazed smoked beef shortribs with spaghetti squash and apple relish are a little spicy, a little smokey, a little sweet, and a lotta awesome.

[Photo: Brasted]

Dish: Butternut squash ravioli
Created By: Daniel Esses at Three Muses
Tasting Notes: This take on the classic fall dish has brown butter, sage sauce, arugula, and piave .

[Photo: Brasted]

Drink: Fall in the Tropic of Cancer
Created By: Josh Paige at Three Muses
Tasting Notes: This autumnal cocktail combines Jim Beam Black, Tepache, spiced banana cordial, lemon, mole bitters, and pecans for a different kind of warming feeling.

[Photo: Brasted]


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