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Del Fuego and Arana Heat Up The Mexican Scene, T-Fitz Finds The Chinese New Wave in Kenner

McNulty digs Del Fuego's mole, Baird enjoys Mexican sandwiches at Arana, and Fitzmorris seeks out the Chinese new wave in Kenner this week.

This week Ian McNulty reviews Del Fuego Taqueria, an affordable Uptown favorite from Cali native/chef David Wright, since opening earlier this summer: "The menu can answer some baseline cravings" for burritos and cheese dips, "though you can follow it deeper into the fundamentals of regional Mexican flavors,"  finding housemade tortilla chips, a rich mole over duck enchiladas, surprisingly good desserts, and a three page list of tequilas, which along with  ample outdoor seating, all make this a great spot to eat right now. [Advocate]

Arana Taqueria y Cantina [Photo: Brasted]

Sarah Baird also heads to an Uptown taqueria this week, newly opened Arana, also home to more "diverse Mexican options" but especially the must-order tortas: "The restaurant is one of a handful of Uptown spots that serve the decadent Mexican-style sandwiches. Using crunchy, oval-shaped loaves of traditional bolillo bread, smears of crema, thick black bean spread and avocado with a snowy sprinkle of Cotija cheese, the tortas are sloppy and big enough to rival the messiest po-boy." [Gambit]

Little Chinatown, 3800 Williams Blvd [Photo: Facebook]

This week Tom Fitzmorris doles out THREE STARS to the best of the Chinese "new wave" Little Chinatown in Kenner. Located in an unassuming former Pizza Hut in a "hot spot for the kind of ethnic eating" on Williams Boulevard, the restaurant boasts "about a hundred dishes, about a third of which will likely be new to you unless you're Chinese," though the strangely familiar Chicken Lettuce Wrap and Potstickers top T-Fitz's Essential Dishes, with salt roasted squid coming in at #9 (the number of love potion, or in this case, calamari). Clay pots and congee are a must order, but T-Fitz seemed to steer away from the pork intestines. +2 hipness points because it's the "real deal." [CityBusiness, sub req]

Del Fuego Taqueria

4518 Magazine Street, , LA 70115 (504) 309-5797 Visit Website


3242 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115 (504) 894-1233