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Lola's Chef Lindsey McLellan Hopes to Open Mexican Restaurant in Broadmoor

El Pavo Real, a neighborhood Mexican cafe, would take over the former Time Saver at 4401 Broad, but needs to be rezoned first.

Lindsey McLellan, chef at paella hotbed Lola's, is hoping to open a new Mexican restaurant El Pavo Real in her Broadmoor neighborhood in the former Time Saver (across from Keller Library) at 4401 Broad Street, Robert Morris reports.  The restaurant would take up the ground floor, and can't obtain a license to booze since it's next to a church. There is some neighborhood opposition concerning parking, but the CPC seems to be in support of the project with the request for zoning change going before the commission today.

Meanwhile Todd Price reports that, if approved, El Pavo Real, will be a casual neighborhood cafe focusing on Mexican food, looking at a Spring/Summer 2015 opening:

The cafe will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lunch will include tacos made with local ingredients. Dinner will focus on more complex, slow-cooked dishes like mole and pozole .