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Voodoo's Foodoo Experience Worships The Fried Oreos AND Fried Twinkies

Todd Price takes a look at dining options for Voodoo festers, including fried desserts, Louisiana staples, and nachos that will set you back $12.

Voodoo Fest
Voodoo Fest
Voodoo Fest/Facebook

Fest food seems to be getting ever more expensive these days, as Todd Price looks at the line up for Voodoo Fest, throwing down in City Park this Friday, October 31-November 2.  If a $4 slice of cheese pizza or $15 shrimp skewers aren't your jam, this year one will also find:

Thai, Vietnamese and Middle-Eastern options along with local fare like meat pies, dirty rice and boudin. There's also two different vendors frying Oreos.

The full Foodoo line-up is right here.  Otherwise, here is what to expect price-wise from some fest food favorites (expect some mild wallet-gouging, folks).  Do note that outside beverages and food are not allowed (refillable water bottles are okay):

  • Woody's Fish Tacos' single fish taco: $4.
  • Rusty Pelican or Antonio's fried Oreo: $5.
  • Papa Roux House red beans and rice: $6.
  • Outback Willy's fried Twinkie: $5.
  • NOLA Pho Life banh mi: $7.
  • Mona's gyro or falafel sandwich $7.
  • LA Cookery gator on a stick: $9.
  • Crepe's a la Cart bacon and cheese crepe: $7.
  • Cartozzo's crawfish bread: $8.

Also, if you're splurging on the VIP LOA lounge package, Jacques-Imo's is the official "restaurant" of the lounge this year.