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Reviews For Pizza Domenica & Cellardoor

Ian McNulty finds a neighborhood pizza parlor with a modern upgrade in Pizza Domenica, and Sarah Baird breaks out holy dining commandments at Cellardoor.

Inside Pizza Domenica
Inside Pizza Domenica

This week Ian McNulty reviews Uptown 'Italian tavern' expansion Pizza Domenica: "While the original downtown Domenica is an upscale Italian restaurant that gradually built a strong (at times frenetic) following for its pizza, the newer Pizza Domenica was designed to update the neighborhood pizza parlor." Snapper crudo, grilled october, chicken liver pate, and great beer/drinks bring the parlor to the modern age, and the garlic knots are "quite worth planning a visit around on their own." [Advocate]

Sarah Baird comes down harsh on CBD gastrolounge Cellardoor when a late(ish) dinner includes too much noise, chips on a dinner plate, and 86'd items to suit her taste: "It is worth ordering the burger and a side of the sweet-and-spicy plantain chips and then taking them to the restaurant's outdoor seating area, which seems to be the only respite from the noise." What follows her review is a  27+ comment thread of somewhat enraged readers.  [Gambit]


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PIZZA domenica

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