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Planned Distillery and Restaurant Lula Still Hoping For LGD Location

Lula, which will serve their own gin, vodka, rum and Southern cuisine, hopes to open in the Halpern's at 1532 St. Charles, but neighbors are concerned about parking.

A planned distillery/restaurant Lula looking to take over the Halpern's Furniture Store at 1532 St. Charles Avenue in the LGD is currently seeking a conditional use permit from the city, reports Robert Morris, and some neighbors are concerned about the parking situation.  The building has a parking lot that meets zoning requirements, but the restaurant plans to seat 175, so customers would also likely park on the street. To thwart that, owner Jess Bourgeouis (Superior Restaurant Group/Commander's alum) is looking into valet options.  As for the restaurant and distillery, the plans still entail the following, as Morris first reported back in June:

· The floor plan calls for 35 tables with room for about 175 when bar seating is included
· Lula's pricing would be moderate, in the "mid-teens"
· casual atmosphere, kid friendly
· About 1,000 cases of vodka and 500 each of gin and rum would be produced per year
· Custom-built copper stills from Germany would be used in the booze-making process

The restaurant will also supply the adjacent Prytania Park Hotel (currently in redeveloped planning stage from the Halpern family) with breakfast.  Expect a fall 2015 opening if the city grants Lula the conditional use permit.