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Bywater Bake Sale is a Weekend Must; Anderson's Annual Top 10 Drops on Wednesday

Beth Biundo, former Lilette pastry chef and cake genius, starts a Bywater Bake Sale at Satsuma this weekend. Anderson gets ready to drop his top ten restaurants of the year, and more dining news.

Bywater Bake Sale hits Satsuma on Sunday, October 26.
Bywater Bake Sale hits Satsuma on Sunday, October 26.
Nikki Mayeux

UPTOWN: Robert Morris reports that Mahony's Po' Boy Shop (3454 Magazine) was robbed at gunpoint after closing up last night, while a lone female employee was working in the back office, around 10 p.m.  [UptownMessenger]

BYWATER: Todd Price reports that former Lilette pastry chef/interior designer Beth Biundo, whose cakes really are the stuff of legend, will be popping up at Satsuma Cafe every Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m. with her new Bywater Bake Sale staring October 26. Expect "pistachio lemon cookies, slices of coconut rum cake, loaves of pumpkin olive oil cake and more" in the $2-$6 range. []

NOLA: Brett Anderson will release his annual Top Ten Restaurants in New Orleans on Wednesday. Until then, you can feast on this round up of his Best New Restaurants picks from the past five years, six of which have since shuttered. []