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Spurned Millionaire Terry White Goes After Millionaire-Bashing Millionaire John Georges For Ownership of Galatoire's

Current Brennan's co-owner Terry White is suing Galatoire's John Georges, claiming Galatoire's was bought out from under him illegally in 2009.


Some of that crazy Big Pink talent for lawsuits must be rubbing off on current Brennan's co-owner Terry White, as Todd A. Price reports that he is going after current Galatoire's owner John Georges, who White claims bought Galatoire's out from under him illegally in 2009.  The lawsuit seeks to reverse Georges' deal and enforce White's (and biz partner Danny Conwill's) Bourbon Investments LLC and 209 Realty LLC as owner of the restaurant/property, among other damages.

So was White's deal really snagged out from under him all sneaky-snake, you ask? According to Price, three Galatoire's heirs rejected White's bid and decided to become majority shareholders instead, buying out other family members. Sounds fine, but then they partnered with another local biz guy Todd Trosclair, and hours after closing the deal, "the majority interest was sold to Georges," who also happened to be running for mayor at the time. Also, there's this:

The trio and ultimately Trosclair and Georges, the suit alleged, altered the agreement by canceling the lease that Galatoire's restaurant had on the historic property at 209 Bourbon St., forgiving a debt to CEO Melvin Rodrigue and not placing $500,000 in escrow for a year. The actions, according to the suit, were financially advantageous to the new owners of Galatoire's.

While Terry White has now loaded his potato launcher like many a Brennan's owner before him and taken aim, Georges team over at Galatoire's has released a statement in caps-lock titled MILLIONAIRES MAKE SECOND ATTEMPT TO GET STAKE IN GALATOIRE'S RESTAURANT, which states this fun little gem: It is important to note this second attempt by two millionaires... to own stake in this successful business and New Orleans dining institution in opposition to members of the Galatoire's family.

So now y'all have something to discuss while waiting on line at Galatoire's today.


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