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Brett Anderson Names The Top Five New Restaurants In New Orleans

Carrollton Market, Marcello's, MoPho, Noodle & Pie, and Square Root are Brett Anderson's picks for the best new restaurants in New Orleans 2014.

Carrollton Market
Carrollton Market
Paul Broussard

The Times-Pic resident critic Brett Anderson has just announced The 5 Best New Restaurants of 2014.  As for the way he establishes his top five: These restaurants haven't been considered for his coveted Top Ten Restaurants In New Orleans 2014, and they all had to have opened after August 1, 2013 and be "fully operational by July 2014." All that being said, here are Anderson's top five new restaurants in New Orleans:

  • Carrollton Market
  • Marcello's
  • MoPho
  • Noodle & Pie
  • Square Root
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