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The Times-Pic Names The 2014 New Orleans Chefs To Watch

Why you should be watching Meauxbar's Kristen Essig, Noodle & Pie's Brian Armour, and more.

Noodle & Pie's Brian Armour, a 2014 Chef To Watch
Noodle & Pie's Brian Armour, a 2014 Chef To Watch

The Times-Pic has announced its 2014 Chefs To Watch today as part of their huge Fall Dining Guide, which means Brett Anderson shall be releasing his annual top ten restaurants of the year extremely soon. Contain yourself. Here now, are the five chefs to watch and the reason why, as stated by Todd A. Price:

  • Bogdan Mocanu, Dolce Vita Pizza: "The jovial Mocanu obsesses over the quality of his pies without taking himself too seriously."
  • Kristen Essig, Meauxbar: "Her market-driven updates on classic bistro fare have made her a Chef to Watch."
  • Brian Armour, Noodle & Pie: "Serves a double dose of comfort food from two sides of the globe. Each return visit shows how Armour's command of often exotic flavors grows."
  • Blake Abene, (pastry chef) Square Root and Root: "Abene's desserts, as strikingly beautiful as they are delicious, have made him a Chef to Watch."
  • Jeffrey Hansell, Ox Lot 9: "For his confidently executed cooking and broad embrace of our region's food ways."