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How To Speak Beshpañol: Johnny Sánchez Menu Keeps Making People Say 'Frickin'

At four days in, Johnny Sanchez unveils a new website. John Besh and Aaron Sanchez armwrestle, and early buzz is all about is all about sweetbread tacos, sopes, and farm-to-table grasshoppers.

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Paul Broussard

Johnny Sánchez, the new CBD taqueria from celebrity chef BFFs John Besh and Aarón Sánchez , has unveiled its new website, but an online menu isn't available yet. Que? The Times-Pic does have a copy of the menu up, or check out Ian McNulty's run down of dishes from lamb enchiladas to the ubiquitous whole fish of present, plus pastry chef Kelly Field's creme brulee-like dessert, cinnamon jericella.   Also, Aaron Sanchez talks menu with Gambit, including this:

The idea of there being 32 states in Mexico...having their own cultural identity... is something we wanted to recognize, like carnitas from Michoacan... We have the way you would cook carnitas traditionally - in its own lard and fat then crisped back up - but instead of doing it with a salsa, we're actually mixing in the influence of the Yucatan for the sauce; then serving it with a pineapple salsa, which is what you would serve traditionally with tacos al pastor.

That's all fine and dandy, but let's get down to the good news/bad news from the internet's finest taco-consuming masses:

The food obsessed forum-dwellers on Tiger Droppings have mixed feelings. Apparently, the grasshoppers aren't doing much for the guac. "Are these fricking Chalmette Grasshoppers?" somebody asks. No, they're from Versaille, Louisana.  Better news: the sweetbread tacos are legit, and the TD-forumers may claim Johnny Sanchez as thier new Peche. Also, rumors about on likely upcoming brunch, game day, and happy hour specials.

On Yelp, pricing seems to be an issue for some, considering this is a taqueria after all: "Drinks are expensive here with the small house margarita being $9 and the cheapest beers start at $4.50 and go up from there. Two tacos come in an 'order' and will cost $8 per order but you need at least 2 orders for a meal." However, folks are raging about the sopes: "this frickin dish stole the show."

Main take away from all of this: must use frickin/fricking when referring to Johnny Sánchez's menu.