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Louisiana Seafood Fess; Moonlighting; Nutella on Wheels (What?)

This weekend, prepare to party at the Louisiana Seafood Festival, the Crescent City Farmers Market's Moonlight Market, and follow the Nutella truck all over town.

The beer garden at the Louisiana Seafood Festival
The beer garden at the Louisiana Seafood Festival
Valence LLC

The upcoming weekend and next week are filled with food and booze deliciousness.  Ian McNulty wrote about the weekend's festivals in the New Orleans Advocate, both old (Louisiana Seafood Festival) and new (Moonlight Market, a fundraiser for the Crescent City Farmers Market.) In addition, the Gambit reports that a food truck bearing Nutella will hit the streets starting on Saturday.

The Louisiana Seafood Festival, sponsored by The Louisiana Hospitality Foundation and the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board, is being held at City Park's Festival Grounds all weekend long, from October 10 (today!) through Sunday, October 12. Eighteen different bands will play through the three days of fess'ing, and the many seafood offerings, according to McNulty, "range broadly from traditional shrimp ravigote from Antoine's Restaurant to "kung fu tuna," a rambunctiously modern rendering of local fish and sushi bar flair from Seither's Seafood. The shrimp meatball and pork belly po-boy from Lüke sounds intriguing, as do the Royal House redfish beignets."

The inaugural Moonlight Market on Saturday night, starting at 7pm at the garage adjacent to their Saturday morning location at Magazine and Girod, features local chefs from 20 area restaurants like Bayona, Clancy's, Cane & Table, Carrollton Market, Mopho, and Emeril's as well as chefs from the Dickie Brennan, Donald Link and John Besh restaurant groups.  "There will be live music, 'grain- and cane-to-glass cocktails,' a local craft beer garden and silent auction."

Saturday also kicks off the start of the insane (yet deliciously decadent) concept of the Nutella truck, which will be giving away free Nutella samples, dealer-style. Enjoy, but also beware.