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Green Goddess and Ste. Marie Alums Announce Plans for CBD Eatery

Todd Price reports that the maitre d' and manager of Green Goddess and Serendipity is teaming up with former Ste. Marie and Sbisa's chef to open a place in the CBD called 1011.

The delightfully named Bug Brockaway, former maitre d' of Green Goddess and manager of Serendipity has teamed up with Chef Michael Pedranti, who previously worked at Ste Marie and Sbisa's to bring the CBD a lounge with "a globally influenced selection of snacks and small plates," as well as "a lunch menu aimed at nearby office workers pressed for time," Todd Price reports on

Brockaway and Pedranti will be taking over the space at 1011 Gravier Street, previously occupied by The Wine Bistro. 1011, the proposed name of the bistro/lounge, reflects its address. Although the space is still under renovation, they hope to open the doors in 6-8 weeks. Patrons can also look forward to craft cocktails and live music.