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Brett Anderson Names The Best Snowpocalypse Foods

Sounds like Brett Anderson disregarded sneauxmaggedon's number one rule of staying on the couch with Netflix and endless beer for two days, and instead spent Tuesday and Wednesday gobbling up comfort foods all over town. In fact, it sounds like he's been busy gobbling up comfort foods all over town since November. Here now are Anderson's top 12 comfort dishes around town for when the weather dips.

1.)Red gravy at Mandina's: Certain to make T-Fitz proud, Anderson "could just imagine the pot it was ladled out of, a crucial generator of heat, and the sausage links flanking the spaghetti left me better fortified to brave the jog back to the car."
2.) Cioppino at Irene's Cuisine: On Tuesday night, Anderson braved ice and sleet to get his hands on this "seafood stew I crave whenever the temperature dips below tolerable, partly to warm my hands in the steam rising off of it."

3.)Flank Steak Pho at Ba Mien
4.) Chicken Tikka Masala at Salt N Pepper
5.) Posole at Casa Borrega
6.) Duck soup at Pho Ga Quang Minh: Anderson has already gone off about how amazing this duck soup and egg noodle soup is at this Marrero hidden gem, so time to make the trip to the Westbank.
7.) Pepperoni soup at Mariza
8.) Vegetable soup at Koz's
9.) Fried Oyster Loaf at Casamento's: "It is doubtful Casamento's would sell many of its gargantuan whole fried oyster loaves if it were open in July. I had no problem polishing off mine last week."
10.) French Onion Soup at Mr. John's Steakhouse
11.) Cassoulet at Martinique Bistro: It "could have melted the heart of the most suspicious FrancophileEvery bite brought a different source for warmth: duck confit, plump sausage, creamy white beans, ribbons of smoked bacon."
12.) Pretty much anything at Brigtsen's: Because Frank Brigtsen's food "is as deserving of the 'comfort' modifier as any I've ever had."

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Brigtsen's signage [Photo: Brasted]

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