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What Are Nola's Best Restaurants for Brunch?

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 Dante's Kitchen, a longtime brunch favorite
Dante's Kitchen, a longtime brunch favorite
Photo: Nikki Mayeux

Breakfast has been a booming trend in New Orleans lately, but it's been a while since Eater has turned its attention to that very special and beloved weekend meal, brunch. For this week's Friday Open Thread, we want to know: What are the best restaurants for brunch in New Orleans? Whether it's a quick stop at a new little spot on Magazine, or a full blown hours-long affair at one of the city's established ritzier restaurants, tell us the best spots for brunch and why, and Eater will do the mapping. Bonus points for sharing the best brunch dishes and Bloody Marys too.

Hit the comments or the tipline and have a great weekend.

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