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What's in a Name?, Scanio's Stuffed Artichokes, More

NOLA— Questions abound on this week. Brett Anderson wonders if satsumas belong in gumbo, after tasting a killer pork and satsuma gumbo at Blackpot Fest. Meanwhile, Todd Price asks "what do you think of the name MoPho?" The majority of readers polled think that it's clever, so lighten up. []

NOLA— The Times-Pic also suggests you to indulge in red meat right now since Carnival means 'farewell to flesh.' Their steak listicle includes Besh Steak, Charlie's, Crescent City Steakhouse, Keith Young's, La Boca, Mr. John's, and Young's. []

NOLA— Emeril's Delmonico chef Anthony Scanio is back with his We Stuff Stuff column for NoDef: "I never saw my grandmother, also known as my Nana, make a stuffed artichoke. No, those we always bought. Always with a thin lemon slice atop the artichoke and the whole thing wrapped in cellophane. As a child I remember them everywhere. You could find them at Schwegmann's Grocery Store." [NOLADefender]

MoPho [Photo: Brasted]


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