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Riverbend Switcheroo, Ole Saint on Tap, And More

RIVERBEND— The recently shuttered One Restaurant and Lounge in the Riverbend is set to become Carrollton Market. Chef Jason Goodenough, a NOLA alum and more recently a private chef, has purchased the building and will open the restaurant, that Todd Price reports is "named after the 19th-century public market that once operated across the street," in March. []

QUARTER— NoDef reports that the tap room at Deuce McAllister's Ole Saint Kitchen which opens tomorrow, January 14, "boasts over 50 draft brews, making Ole Saint's selection the largest in Da' Quarter. There are 37 local and regional drafts available." [NOLADefender] UPDATE 1/14 9 a.m.: Ole Saint now opening on Wednesday January 15 at 5 p.m.

NOLA— NoDef also reports that New Orleans native/Lilette mixologist/self proclaimed sherry nerd, Jenn Rogers, has a new cocktail company Offre Joie, that offers cocktail catering and/or menu curation for special events. (225) 938-6468 for more info. [NOLADefender]

NOLA— What did the weekend have in store for those Times-Pic zombies in search of fresh king cake? Rouse's traditional version, Tartine's cream cheese filled wonder, and Zoe's Bakery's Cherry Franzipan (Zoe's is in Covington). Oh, the horror. []

Deuce McAllister's Ole Saint Kitchen [Photo: Facebook]