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Tailgate Time, Dickie Brennan's Cocktail Revamp, More

SEATTLE— Ian McNulty reports that New Orleans has homefield advantage when it comes to food. Sorry Seahawks fans, but "the food culture of Louisiana follows the Saints on the road," with tailgating expert Joe Cahn predicting "roux, trinity and olive salad aplenty as fans gather for pregame celebrating in Seattle on Saturday." [Advocate]

NOLA— Booze whisperer Anne Berry reports that mixologist Amber Peterson, who has been tapped to run all of Dickie Brennan's cocktail programs, has launched her first list at Bourbon House with, no surprise here, bourbon-focused drinks. Peterson plans to bring rum and tiki drinks to prominence at Palace Café, classic cocktails and Irish whisky at Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse, and artisanal syrups/infused liqueurs/fresh juices at Tableau. [WhereYat]

CBD— Yahoo has chosen Fulton Alley as one of the best new bars in America that are mixing in "bowling, disco, and more," but in this case, just bowling. So leave the Nik Nik and creepy platform man-shoes at home, Travolta. [YahooTravel]

Palace Cafe [Photo: -ENOLA-]

Palace Café

605 Canal Street, , LA 70130 (504) 523-1661 Visit Website


616 Saint Peter, , LA 70116 (504) 934-3463 Visit Website