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Neutral Ground Brewing Planning for Brewpub in 2015

NoDef's Sam Nelson reports on a new name in the New Orleans craft beer scene, Neutral Ground Brewing, a group of homebrewers who are whipping up plans to open a brewpub in 2015. As Nelson points out, multiple new breweries are in the works for the city over the next two years— including the much talked about Courtyard Brewery— but Neutral Ground is the only one talking about opening a brewpub, which basically (legally) means they'll need a restaurant component to make-up for half their sales, a la Crescent City Brewhouse or Gordon Biersch.

The team behind Neutral Ground— Eric Jensen, Brady Shannon, and Vincent Rossmeier— who have been "brewing beer together in Jensen's woodshed" since early 2013 and drinking it on the neutral ground, are debuting their beers— including a Belgian plum dubbel, chocolate milk stout, imperial IPA, roasted sweet potato ale, and New Zealand dry-hopped red ale— at Dinner Lab on January 18. No word on if they have any chefs interested in the brewpub plan yet, but they will remain homebrewers with an emphasis on using "drink as a means of community more than profit" until going brick and mortar with the brewpub.

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