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What Bar or Restaurant Has the Best Wings in NOLA?

 Chicken & Watermelon, home of some epic wings.
Chicken & Watermelon, home of some epic wings.
Photo: Tiger Droppings/Federal Tiger

Hot wings. They're an imperative part of football season for those watching the game at home, or in a bar or restaurant. And seeing as the Saints will begin their indefatigable journey to the Superbowl this Sunday by crushing those nasty dirty birds at noon central time, we best turn our attention to the symbolic devouring of this most-loathsome opponent...with an Open Thread 'bout feasting on dem wangs. Eater wants to know where you find the best wings in the city. They can be mild (though, honestly, that sounds kind of lame), or they can be hot enough to start a lawsuit. Either way, tell us what bar or restaurant has the best wings in New Orleans, and we'll do the mapping.

Hit the comments or tipline, and have a great weekend. Let's go get 'em. WHO DAT! And all dat.

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