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Apple Barrel Will Stay Open, Adolfo's Duo To Run It

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Keith Spera of The Times-Pic reports that the Apple Barrel will NOT be closing after all. The venue will stay open with new owners, Adolfo Perez Palavicini and wife Kim Perez, who own Adolfo's restaurant upstairs. They will take over management of Apple Barrel starting on November 1, 2013.

As for any changes that will occur, only time will tell, as Spera writes that "within the last year, the Apple Barrel was cited for not having a valid live music permit." Before current operators Doug Hopper and Liz Montoya took over the bar 15 years ago, Apple Barrel never had live music. And many of the recent complaints about the noise level have actually come directly from Adolfo's upstairs. But building owner Kevin Coakley says to expect only "minor changes" once the Adolfo's crew takes over, such as cleaning up the bar and toning down the music earlier in the evening, unless neighbors (erm, including new management?) keep complaining about the noise at which point Coakley (a sarge in the NOPD, mind you) could very likely put the kibosh on it.

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