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Black and Gold Oysters, Bloody Mary Bars, and More

QUARTER? Ian McNulty reports that Bourbon House is doing black and gold oysters for Saints season, meaning them ersters be topped in caviar, y'all. He also reports on more oyster topping madness from Criollo, Little Gem, and more. [Advocate]

NOLA? Laura McKnight reports on trending build-your-own Bloody Mary Bars in New Orleans restaurants this week. The Country Club, Tivoli & Lee, and Atchafalaya are all popular destinations for the boozers' favorite type of salad bar. []

UPTOWN? NoDef has more on menu specialties and happy hour at the new switcheroo Vida's Bistro, which used to be The Courtyard Grill this week. Ian McNulty first reported on Vida's about a week ago. [NoDef]

NOLA? Gambit contrib Kevin Allman writes about what it's like to have a shrimp allergy in the seafood capital of da world: "I've never had a shrimp po-boy from Domilise's or Parkway Bakery and never tasted Pascal's Manale barbecue shrimp, but I've eaten at all those restaurants with friends, without drama." [Gambit]

Atchafalaya [Photo: Nikki Mayeux]