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Eater Elements: Café Du Monde's Beignets & Café Au Lait

Photo: Café Du Monde

The iconic beignets and cafe au lait at Café Du Monde get the "Eater Elements" treatment over at Eater National this week. Hillary Dixler lays down the inspiration, ingredients, and essential elements behind these legendary New Orleans specialties, which according to Café Du Monde's VP Burton E. Benrud, Jr., have gone "relatively unchanged" for over a hundred years. Seriously, why mess with a good thing?

Head over to Eater National to learn more about the essential elements of the legendary beignets and cafe au lait: the dough, the sugar, the coffee, and the milk. And this: the ratio of chicory to coffee in their signature house blend is a family secret, as is the beignet's dough base.

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Café Du Monde

800 Decatur Street, New Orleans, LA 70116 504 525 4544

Cafe du Monde

800 Decatur St New Orleans, LA 70116