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Scenes From The Top Chef: New Orleans Premiere

Top Chef Premiere [Photos: Josh Brasted]

Last night, Emeril, John Besh, Hugh Acheson and tons of chefs, movers and shakers, and cheftestafans gathered at the Civic Theater for a sneak peak at the premiere of Top Chef Season 11. Council prez Jackie Clarkson and Lt. Gov Jay Dardenne both gave obligatory Bravo love-fest speeches before the screening, while Emeril got misty-eyed and promised a season that's simply "amazing." Bravo's marketing director, Lily Yao, also announched that a Top Chef food truck will be hitting the streets of New York City on Tuesday, October 1, to promote the show and serve up New Orleans signature dishes from Cafe Du Monde, Domilise's, and the like.

Guests feasted on food prepared by John Besh and Emeril's teams, along with Cafe Reconcile. Cheftestapants Justin Devillier, Michael Sichel, and mastercheftestapants Sue Zemanick worked the crowd and posed on a red carpet. For more highlights of the event, check out the The Times-Pic's coverage here. Top Chef: New Orleans premiers next Wednesday, October 2, on Bravo at 9 p.m.

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