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3 Potato 4's 'Satellite Station' Will Soon Fill Baked Fry Void

3 Potato 4, and owner Jehan Strouse [Photo: Josh Brasted]

3 Potato 4, a Massachusetts-based space-themed franchise that serves baked fries, is extremely close to bringing their intergalactic fries, vegan soups, organic drip coffee, kombucha, and other gluten-free foods to the Green Coast Enterprises building at 2727 S. Broad. Word on the street is that owner Jehan Strouse and company are awaiting a final fire inspection, and will officially open next week.

The location is kind of oddball for what the 3 Potato 4 mothership deems its new "satellite station," but considering all the baked vegan non-GMOs flying the ship, it's only appropriate they landed within walking distance of a wig supply shop and the lady who sells giant Vuitton handbags out of her car trunk in the Cajun Seafood parking lot every Sunday. The refined fast-food joint does look pretty snazzy with a bike rack out front apparently made from a space ship fuel shell, and a bright blue and yellow color scheme inside. The multi-building, urban-renewal development also houses a new location of Laurel Street Bakery.

Meanwhile, 3 Potato 4's space station headquarters is also planning expansions to Boston and San Francisco, where they will continue to supply earthlings with "potato super food in an eco-responsible and sustainable fashion."

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