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Reviews for Old Arabi Eats, Martinique Bistro, And Peche

 Old Arabi Eats
Old Arabi Eats
Photo: Yelp/Sherry C.

This week Ian McNulty discovers a relatively new hidden gem, Old Arabi Eats. The 9-month-old restaurant is run by Chuck White and Song Ly? two former employees of Williamsburg "hipster haunt" Rye? who "carve a niche for themselves" in an old diner space on the tracks with "accessible dishes drawn from the modern American playbook," but not really with direct Louisiana references or any "airs." While it may be a bit of a drive over the Industrial Canal, and rather out of place because you likely won't find a crawfish dey caught in Arabi, "the food here is the real deal" and "worth the trip." [Advocate]

Jay Ducote of Bite and Booze reviews Martinique Bistro this week, deeming it a gem. Of chef Eric Labouchere, Ducote writes, "to meet a chef that reminds me about why the term culinary arts truly is an art, and why a master of kitchen magic is every bit an artist as someone whose medium is canvas or lyrics. Martinique Bistro on Magazine Street in New Orleans had that kind of impact on me." [Bite&Booze]

Also, Kim Ranjbar strikes gold at Peche: "I am a huge fan of anything connected to Donald Link and Stephen Stryjewski because it seems that everything they touch turns to gold... I am talking gold as in the perfect crust on a pan-fried eggplant round topped with a pile of sweet, jumbo lump crab meat, gilded Louisiana shrimp resting on a honey-colored bed of cream corn or crisply browned potato hash served with succulent pork cheeks, crumbled feta and fresh mint. You know...that kind of gold." [SuckTheHeads]

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800 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 Visit Website

Old Arabi Eats

7005 St. Claude Ave, Arabi, LA 70032