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The Critical Tables Get Turned on Brett Anderson, Again

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The Daily Meal has once again asked chefs to rate 20 American food critics, and Brett Anderson rises to 3rd on the list, topping famous criticalpants like Pete Wells, Alan Richman, and Gael Green. He also moves up nine spots from last year's rather tepid 12th place finish. Wondering what chefs and restaurateurs really think of kindly, erudite Brett Anderson? Here's what they had to say:

"Very knowledgeable about wide variety of cuisines — adventurous and curious," offered one chef. "He has a good sense of humor," said another. Anderson was also described as both a "wonderful" and "great writer" who was "sensitive and open to a wide variety of culinary experiences," a critic with "high integrity, well-regarded by everyone in the field," "straightforward but poetic," and "a joy..." "I had dinner with him once. He's very knowledgeable and passionate about food."

Looks like a year away from the Times-Pic left many a chef longing for Anderson's return with this sensitive, poetic love fest. He actually only missed out on 2nd place to Tom Sietsema by ten-thousandths of a point. Seriously. His reviews will return in October, so only a few weeks until the BEANS hit the fan, and certain chefs can return to their hating.

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