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Converted Church Asks $2.5M; St. Roch Market News; More!

Welcome back to Curbed Cuts where Curbed NOLA editor Sarah Chase shares the best real estate and neighborhood news of the week.
1527 Harmony Street, photo via movoto

GARDEN DISTRICT – You know the kind of place that makes you stop in your tracks and wonder, "What the heck is this?" Yeah. This new-to-the-market gem was once a church, then a fancy ballet school, and is now going for a cool $2.5M.

ST. ROCH – Finally, some news on what the heck is going to happen and who's going to be running the show as the St. Roch Market wraps up its $3.7M renovation. Check it out here.

NOLA – In the Fun With Urban Planning department, will the $6.2 billion "Living With Water" plan save New Orleans' flooded streets and wrecked infrastructure?

LOWER GARDEN DISTRICT – The Lykes Steamship District, which we're sure all the cool kids will be calling something ridiculous like LyStDi, is offering up affordable rentals (with views of the river!), a community kitchen, and retail space.

NOLA – It's time for a condo round-up. Here are four condos around New Orleans, listed for $200,000 or less.