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Montrel's Bistro Now Shuttered After Eviction Battle

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After contesting an eviction notice from The French Market way back in April and continuing to operate, Montrel's Bistro now has less than 24 hours to voluntarily vacate the premises. Mike Perlstein of WWLTV reports that a civil courts judge has ruled in favor of The French Market to oust the problematic restaurant? which often paid rent late, racked up health code violations and was even once set to appear on Kitchen Nightmares before the city put the kibosh on it.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the restaurant, A.S. Broussard, released a statement saying, "As far as we're concerned, we're still in there. I'm taken by surprise at the eviction. Frankly, I thought it was being handled. So we'll see what tomorrow brings." Erm, the possibility of sheriff's deputies removing your white linens to da street?

The eviction doesn't look like the last of Montrel's Bistro drama, however, with Perlstein reporting this whammy:

The city has made a legal demand that Montrel's repay about $100,000 it says the restaurant owes for electric bills that were inadvertently paid by the city because of faulty wiring in the building... The restaurant's electrical lines had been unknowingly hooked up to the French Market Corporation's meters. The problem went unnoticed and uncorrected for about five years.

Montrel's Bistro owner Elvira Collins now operates a relatively new restaurant on Esplanade called Creole Cottage.

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Montrel's Bistro

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