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Ralph Brennan Will Open New Concept in The Big Pink

Yesterday afternoon the goldleaf Brennan's name was spotted being scraped off the side of the The Big Pink, which is a fair indication that Brennan's years of extreme family dysfunction are finally coming to an end, or the restaurant is shuttered for good anyways. Now Ralph Brennan? the new-owner/cousin of former owners Pip and Ted Brennan? has released a statement to The Times-Pic stating that yes, in fact a "new restaurant concept is being finalized." However, Brennan states "there is no set timeline for making a public announcement regarding those plans," which basically translates to I'll never tell fun time for all.

And if you're wondering if Ralph Brennan feels bad about the entire situation and is ready to move on, there's this:

While there is no joy in removing the name Brennan's Restaurant from the exterior of the building, doing so is unavoidable under the circumstances and is a logical and necessary step toward giving this venerable location new life and an opportunity to serve the dining public in a way they have come to expect of the Brennan family.

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Brennan's restaurant in 2012[Photo: flickr/Derek Bridges]