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Lawsuit Attack! It's Mechagodzilla vs. Mechahopzilla

 Godzillas at NOLA Brewing
Godzillas at NOLA Brewing
Photos: -ENOLA-/Facebook

NOLA Brewing is being sued for copyright infringement by Japanese company Toho, the creators of the Godzilla empire, over the "name and likeness" of their Mechahopzilla IPA to Mechagodzilla, reports The Beer Buddha via Beer Pulse.

Occasional booze whisperer Todd A. Price also reached out to NOLA Brewing for a comment, but since they "had not yet been served" they couldn't comment on the lawsuit yet. The brewery has been waiting to hear about their Trademark from the United States Patent office, so prez Kirk Coco says he's not sure why Toho filed the lawsuit before they have the official ruling.

In true Godzilla fashion, Toho seeks damages and also to destroy all of the Mechahopzilla packaging before a Godzilla movie is released in 2014: Beer Pulse writes "who knows what cross-promotions Toho will be running next year but that is likely a factor in this lawsuit."

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